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Capacity Analysis

Organizations sink or swim based on their ability to adapt to various forces in the marketplace. We relate organizations to a swimming pool, which is normally filled with water. As a company evolves, needs, markets, technology and conditions cause them to change to meet market demand. The pool that was designed to hold water must now hold oil as companies use current capacity to hold a heavier load.

The company uses infrastructure to hold what it was not designed to hold. As a result, fracturing occurs [leaking or loss of efficiency, increase in expenses to meet growing demand]. Since it is an evolutionary process, not much notice is given to it. To compensate revenue or resources are poured into the pool to keep the company profitable. As revenue falls minimally, the fracturing in the infrastructure is exposed, and a slow erosion of capacity can quickly become collapse affecting the organization’s ability to compete.

Our 3-Step Process

  1. Assessment
  2. Development
  3. Implementation

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